Visa Invitation Letter Requirements 

The following information is aimed to assist in  travel planning to the Third Wave Systems International Users Conference which takes plan annually in the United Sates. If you are an international visitor, please be reminded that the United States government has instituted new, tighter visa requirements for non-immigrant applicants. This may lengthen the time it takes to process your visa application. Make sure to start the visa application process no later than 3-4 months in advance of your travel dates, as it could take as long as two to three months to receive your visa.

Letter of Invitation

The Third Wave Systems Users Conference is open to customers and non-customers around the world. The  invitation letter, though not required for the visa application, can assist as a supporting document. If your attendance to the conference requires a visa for traveling to the United States and you are requesting an invitation letter from Third Wave Systems, you must first register for the conference and then provide proof of industry affiliation. To prove this, you may provide any of the following forms of verification (current customers or distributors are not required to complete this procedure):

  • Business card that matches the name of the company you are representing
  • Verification of your employment on company letterhead
  • Link to your company website showing your name on an employee roster
  • Link to a media article (print, digital, broadcast) that you wrote or in which you were quoted or cited as an industry professional; article must be published within the last year

To submit this information, please email twsadmin@thirdwavesys.com. Please do not submit your visa application or other documents containing confidential, personal information. Third Wave Systems will not accept information/credentials that do not associate the registrant with the company they are representing. Third Wave Systems reserves the right to request additional business credentials if necessary and reserves the right to not provide an invitation letter for any applicant(s).

Third Wave Systems cannot intervene with, call or send personal letters to, the State Departments, Embassies or Consulates of the United States or other government on behalf of any meeting or event participant. 

If you are unable to get a visa for travel to the United States for our Users Conference, we invite interested parties located outside of the United States to attend our European Users Conference.

United States Visa Information