AdvantEdge  |  Production Module

AdvantEdge and Production Module are physics-based modeling products that have material models build in to serve as the optimization hub between computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) systems. 

There is no need to halt production or purchase new equipment in order to use AdvantEdge or Production Module. Instead, the software interfaces with CAD/CAM packages for an effortless integration with currest design and cycle processes. This creates a virtual testing and prototyping environment for engineers and programmers to determine and optimization strategy without trial-and-error testing. 

AdvantEdge and Production Module will suggest, with considerations for material properties, cutting tool geometries, toolpath approach and calculated tool forces, stresses and temperatures. As a result of using Third Wave Systems software, companies are able to improve part quality, get to market faster and enhance their machining expertise. 

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