AdvantEdge v7.5 is now available! This release brings some powerful new capabilities including Automatic In-Process Boolean on custom workpiece import for solid endmills, High Performance Machining, separate set up for Full Slot milling process and a multitude of customer requested items. See below the major highlights for the release –

In-Process Boolean

Users now have the ability to position the tool anywhere on the workpiece. The workpiece can be a section of the actual part being machined. In addition, the in-process Boolean is created automatically calculating the exact chip load that the tool would encounter. This will be significantly faster than using a standard block of workpiece or modeling milling chip load geometry in a CAD system. User has the option of using this capability with a standard or custom STEP file tool.

High Performance Machining

Users can study how the material properties change with heat generated from previous passes. With this new functionality, users will be able to run multiple passes (up to 12) with constant chipload to understand this phenomenon. The ability to leverage the heat generated in subsequent cuts can enable high performance machining.

Full Slot Machining

A separate process category has been added to model for full slot cuts. While the users had the ability to model this process in earlier version, the functionality was ‘hidden’ inside other processes. Based on user feedback, AdvantEdge now provides a separate workflow for setting up full slot cut simulations.

Language Support

With this version, we have added GUI support for German and Chinese languages.

In addition, we have made a number of improvements including improved chipload calculation for variable pitch custom tools, improved simulation robustness for 3D residual stress calculations and for User Defined Yield Surface constitutive models.