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At Third Wave Systems, we understand the necessity of educating students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We encourage the use of Third Wave Systems technology in the classroom to teach the fundamentals of machining, as well as for undergraduate and graduate research as an advanced analysis capability. For this reason, we license our technology to more than 100 academic institutions worldwide at a discounted rate.


AdvantEdge is recognized for its ease-of-use in the machining modeling world. However, one of its lesser known capabilities is the flexibility to the user to define their own constitutive models that are important for the research community. We encourage you to explore this further.


Professors will be provided access to training materials for defining the course curriculum. The training material will help lay the foundation of the course material and getting research teams up and running in a timely manner.


Do you have a research topic Third Wave Systems should investigate? If so, email us a white paper at To see what students at several academics have discovered using Third Wave Systems technology, click here.


  • Click here to request an academic research license.
  • Click here to request a classroom teaching license.


Graduating students are offered a limited period of license for use at their place of work. Please email us at from your corporate email address with the intended usage.


Terms of Use

The licenses are not to be used for any commercial projects, services works, commercial research or bench-marking activities.

Product Reference

Usage of any data from the Third Wave Systems products would need to be accompanied by due mention of Third Wave Systems followed by the product name. 

Publications and Reports

Any sections of reports or publications publishing work that includes Third Wave Systems products will need to be provided to Third Wave Systems with a two week lead time for a review prior to publication.


Interested in learning more about how Third Wave Systems’ software can be integrated into your classroom or research? On July 31st, 2019 at 10:00 AM CDT,  TWS is hosting a free, informational webinar to demonstrate how our Finite Element Modeling software can be used to teach the fundamentals of machining. To register to attend the webinar, go to the event page and click “Register”.


In May, Third Wave Systems hosted an event at the University of St. Thomas regarding manufacturing technology and workforce development. Read more about the event here.