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Training and Implementation

Third Wave Systems engineers work one-on-one with AdvantEdge and Production Module users so they become experts in applying the software to their own specific projects and are able to use the software to its highest potential.


To help customers incorporate AdvantEdge and Production Module
into their business, Third Wave Systems Applications Engineers will travel globally to customer facilities to teach users about the product in an interactive on-site format.

Sessions are highly customizable. They can range from large settings that use step-by-step manuals provided by Third Wave Systems, to very specific one-on-one sessions for the most advanced users. For years, Third Wave Systems engineers have been assisting and empowering its users to implement process optimization with four easy steps:

  1. Establishing process objectives
  2. Collecting data and setup simulations
  3. Analyzing simulation results
  4. Implementing process improvements


Third Wave Systems product workshops are designed to introduce potential users to its finite element analysis software, AdvantEdge, and NC optimization and analysis software, Production Module. 

TrainingAnyone looking to improve cutting processes, cutting tool design and performance, quality, cycle time and productivity costs will gain valuable insight into how Third Wave Systems products help companies get their products to market faster.

Advanced Training is also available for current users to dive more in-depth into the capabilities of both software products.

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