The epicenter of Third Wave Systems’ success is its Testing & Validation Center (TVC), a research and development lab that enables engineers to validate the software on a consistent basis. The majority of Third Wave Systems’ engineering services are performed at the TVC, utilizing a five-axis machining center, measurement and inspection capabilities ranging from surface finish measurement to cutting force data collection, and much more. 


  • MACHINING: Mori Seiki NH6300 DCG five-axis horizontal machining center, 30 kW, mori_seiki_nh63008000 RPM high torque direct drive CAT-50 spindle, 1 m x 1 m x 1.3 m work envelope, Fanuc series 16i controller, 70 bar high pressure coolant system
  • DATA ACQUISITION: National Instruments X Series, USB 6343 32 channel data acquisition board, 500 kHz sampling rate, Matlab software with data acquisition and signal processing toolboxes
  • SOFTWARE: Dassault Systèmes CATIA, Autodesk AutoCAD, CGTech VERICUT, Siemens NX
  • DIMENSIONAL MEASUREMENT: Renishaw MP700 optical transmission probe
  • VIBRATION MEASUREMENT: MetalMAX Modal Analysis System
  • CUTTING FORCE/POWER: Kistler 9255B table mounted dynamometer; Kistler 9526C mini-dynamometer; Kistler 5070A and 5080 multichannel charge amplifiers; Caron TMAC spindle power
  • TOOL WEAR ASSESSMENT: Flexbar Optiflex digital microscope for 220x magnification with image capture software
  • SURFACE FINISH: Taylor-Hobson Surtronic 25 system


  • KISTLER 9256C: Multi-component mini-dynamometer Used to measure and validate micro-machining cutting forces predicted by Third Wave Systens software
  • MICROLOUTION 363-S: 3-axis horizontal micro-milling machine Used to validate363S Third Wave  Systems software predictions and propel Third Wave’s technology into high-precision markets with small length scales:• Specifically designed to machine  small parts
    • Acceleration motion: >2G
    • Positional accuracy: ± 1 micron
    • Repeatability: 0.2 microns
    • Max spindle speed: 50,000 RPM
  • DIGITAL MICROSCOPE SYSTEM: Navitar optical lenses with 260x magnification; VisionGauge measurement software used to measure and validate tool performance predicted by Third Wave Systems software