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Third Wave Systems has software implemented into the machining processes for several manufacturing industries. Companies from all over the world from the aerospace, automotive, cutting tool and medical markets are using AdvantEdge and/or Production Module to enhance their productivity and improve their processes. 

Using Production Module, aerospace engine customers typically see 20% or more improvement in turning and 25% or more in milling. Aerospace structures customers typically see 25% or more in Titanium and 15% in Aluminum. For automotive and other industries, users typically see 10-15% range in cycle time improvement and across all industries users maintain and/or improve their tool life. 

AdvantEdge is used to understand the “whys” of tool performance by providing a virtual testing environment for evaluating tool designs. Users efficiently and affordably recognize promising prototypes and top performers while reducing design iterations and trial-and-error testing. To make reporting results easier, Third Wave Systems engineers developed a Report Generator that significantly reduces time spent documenting results, conclusions and standardizes work between users and allows for easy results distribution to management and customers.


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