Four-Step Product Implementation

To ensure technology transition and help customers maximize their use of physics-based modeling software Production Module, Third Wave Systems applications engineers are available to guide customers through a four-step software implementation program.

Through the Third Wave Systems 4-Step Software Implementation program, users work one-on-one with TWS engineers to become experts in applying optimization methods to their individual facility projects and learn and apply process improvement methods at a company-wide level. Third Wave Systems' four steps to proven results are part of a larger initiative that aims to implement optimized machining practices from part concept to completion:

  1. Establish process objectives
  2. Collect data and set up simulations
  3. Analyze simulation results
  4. Implement process improvements

How You Benefit

  • Reduced capital investments
  • Improved time to market
  • Reduced tooling costs
  • Reduced machining cycle times
  • Improved programming efficiency
  • Reduced learning curve in utilizing Third Wave software
  • Improved return on investment

Participant Results