Machinability Testing

Exploring the transition from material removal procedures such as electro chemical machining (ECM) into high performance machining (HPM) practices - and even the basic decision regarding whether or not to machine unfamiliar metals - carries the risk of exhausting company resources. Such practices can be costly, labor-intense, and possibly unsuccessful.

Third Wave Systems is uniquely equipped to assist in such situations, utilizing a fully-operational Mori-Seiki NH6300 DCG 5-axis machine and other top-of-the-line machining equipment to discern optimum machining solutions. Companies looking to improve existing design processes may learn that by switching to HPM, they can machine products faster and at higher quality. Companies working on a prototype can request that TWS engineers analyze a part design and proposed process to determine how to machine the part to meet specifications. By making the most of Third Wave Systems' machinability testing services, organizations are able to capitalize on unrealized potential within existing designs and processes.

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