Third Wave Systems develops and sells material physics-based machining modeling software used to analyze and optimize machining processes. Equipped with extensive material model libraries for both workpieces and cutting tools, Third Wave's software models and measures a wide variety of data to provide engineers with information critical to optimizing design and machining processes.

  • AdvantEdge - Predicts and simulates material behavior during machining at a finite element level.
    • Improve part quality
    • Increase material removal rates
    • Extend tool life
    • Plot force, torque, power, peak tool temperature, stress, and tool deflection over time
    • Plot contours of temperature, heat rate, stress, strain, pressure, and velocity.
  • Production Module - Predicts and optimizes material behavior during machining at the toolpath level, tool and workpiece geometry, material properties, and machine dynamics for a more accurate analysis.
    • Identify opportunities to reduce costs
    • Improve cycle times
    • Avoid unnecessary capital equipment expenditures
    • Maximize machine performance


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