As one of the world’s largest machine tool manufacturers, Makino is proud to partner with customers to build and sustain a metal-cutting business that thrives by making the parts that matter for the customers that matter the most. As part of this partnership, Makino frequently machines sample parts for potential customers to demonstrate the advantages of Makino milling machines. The company is always on the lookout for technologies and tools that help them machine these sample parts more efficiently, not only to prove the benefits of Makino machines, but also to promote better machining practices and tools to their customer community for a worldwide impact.


Makino used Third Wave Systems’ NC Optimization product, Production Module, to optimize a 5-axis pocket operation on a customer-provided test part similar to a landing gear link.

The 900 mm test part is machined from Ti-5-5-5-3, and Makino engineers wanted to identify the 5-axis toolpath that would achieve balanced loads. Tangential force limits were set at 7806.3 N within Production Module and the toolpath was then optimized line-by-line to balance forces on the cutting tool. 



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