In 2012, Third Wave Systems and machine tool manufacturer Liechti Engineering AG (Switzerland) partnered to promote Third Wave Systems products within the Liechti customer community. The partnerships allows Liechti to incorporate Third Wave Systems NC program optimization product, Production Module, into process setup and machining overviews conducted at its demonstration facility in Langnau. Liechti is a market leader for programming and machining solutions for the manufacture of flow profiles on turbine components. To deliver quality products that achieve maximum economic benefits, the machine tool provider staffs a demonstration facility where customers are introduced to technologies and machining strategies that can further improve their machining processes. Liechti engineers use Production Module to conduct internal evaluations of the software to determine whether or not the software would benefit their customers. In one case they used a stainless steel 24-bladed fan blisk machined from a 600 mm solid workpiece, with features representative of customer components manufactured using Liechti machine tools. The results:

  • Cycle time savings of 13 percent
  • Improved tool life with uniform roughing envelope
  • Production Module was added to resources showcased at the Liechti Engineering AG demonstration facility
  • Liechti Engineering AG machine tools are promoted by Third Wave Systems




To learn more about Third Wave Systems products and services or to setup a live web demonstration or introductory workshop for Production Module, contact us at, or +1-952-832-5515.

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