Production Module 5.9 to be Released in April 2011

Minneapolis, MN USA
March 24, 2011

Third Wave Systems is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Production Module version 5.9 next month.  Production Module is NC program optimization software that integrates workpiece material models, cutting tool geometries, and machine dynamics to predict and display previously-unattainable machining performance indicators.  By plotting factors such as force, temperature, and spindle power along the entire toolpath, Production Module enhances engineering expertise while helping companies identify processes that machine dramatically faster and promote improved tool life and part quality. 

Production Module 5.9 will be released in April of 2011; new and/or enhanced features to be included:

  • User defined tool profiles for complex tools (3D)
  • Optimization settings archiving for easy process replication (3D)
  • Feedback system for better detection of errors and unsupported commands (2D)
  • Split setup windows to better match Production Module 3D workflow (2D)
  • Force calculation and optimization speed-ups (2D)
  • APT code support (2D)
  • Multiple tool offset definition (2D)