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Third Wave Systems has built longstanding relationships within the aerospace, automotive and cutting tool markets throughout the past two decades, however in recent years, Third Wave Systems has a strong focus on expanding visibility within new markets, specifically the machining of orthopedic medical devices. 

Contract manufacturers and original equipment manufactures alike benefit from Third Wave Systems modeling solutions, Production Module and AdvantEdge as both software products reduce time to market, achieve increased production capacity through machining time reduction and improve regulatory part compliance.

How medical device manufacturing companies are using Third Wave Systems software products and services:

  • Model characteristics of new and difficult to machine materials to expedite time to market for new medical components. Materials include titanium and stainless steel alloys as well as custom materials upon request.
  • Perform detailed finite element analysis to investigate temperatures, stresses, and burr formation resulting from machining processes.
  • Analyze and optimize existing milling and turning toolpaths, achieving cycle time savings of 20 percent or greater
  • Simulate very small part machining operations with tools under 1 mm diameter to identify areas of poor tool life based on cutting force predictions
  • Optimize toolpaths for complex 5-axis parts such as orthopedic implants and bone plates  


To learn more about Third Wave Systems products and services or to setup a live web demonstration for AdvantEdge, contact us at, or +1-952-832-5515.