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Training and Implementation

Aside from offering the software products themselves, Third Wave Systems offers a material modeling service that is completely customizable to meet specific validation needs. The material modeling services are conducted at Third Wave Systems Testing and Validation Center in Minneapolis. 

AdvantEdge and Production Module incorporate a library of more than 140 material models with more materials being introduced regularly. The material models are developed using proprietary material characterization technology and are sent through a battery of tests that TWS engineers convert into custom material models. The state-of-the-art technology and Third Wave Systems validated expertise ensures companies experience a smooth transition from the material modeling service to future process analyses.


Material_Model_1Third Wave Systems engineers collect forces in three orthogonal directions. The tests are completed using one of two configurations and either configuration effectively promotes constant chip load machining. Validation with each approach has applicability to both turning and milling configurations.


When the validation is complete, comparisons are made between predicted results and experimentally-measured data (example below). Findings are provided to the customer in multiple formats, including separate force components for discrete conditions and scatter plots depicting trends over a wide range of conditions. Model and test results are also checked against expectations with respect to changes in cutting conditions such as feed and rake angle. 

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