The aerospace industry faces unique manufacturing challenges as it strives to make components lighter and faster, and Third Wave Systems is committed to reducing costs in the fabrication of alloys and composite materials.  Customers apply our state-of-the-art Production Module and AdvantEdge software to improve product development and manufacturing throughout the aerospace supply chain.  TWS software and services consistently achieve cycle time reductions of 30%, making the technology especially attractive to companies looking to machine more components without investing in additional capital equipment. 

Below are some examples of how aerospace companies have used Third Wave's software suite to get to market faster:

  • Analyze and optimize milling and turning toolpaths
  • Simulate very small or large part operations for cycle time, cutting force, tool temperature and spindle power consumption feedback
  • Optimize toolpaths for complex 5-axis parts such as rotor blades and contoured structural parts
  • Model the characteristics of various workpiece materials, including 25+ high-temperature alloys and 20+ aerospace-grade aluminum alloys
  • Gather machining-induced residual stress data based on specific cutting conditions

Aerospace Applications