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Aerospace customers apply our state-of-the-art Production Module and AdvantEdge software to improve product development and manufacturing throughout the aerospace supply chain. Our aerospace structures customers typically see 25% or more for processes involving titanium, and 15% or more using aluminum, all while maintaining or improving tool life. 

By using the solutions provided by Third Wave Systems, users can reduce force spikes to avoid breaking tools, saving on tooling costs and allowing ROI to increase. Without utilizing the modeling products the typical approach is to utilize trial-and-error testing, but when you can machine in a virtual environment before heading to the shop floor, the time to market decreases and you can maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 


Production Module integrates physics-based material models, CAD/CAM data, tooling and workpiece geometries to analyze and optimize machining processes. The software allows users to analyze cutting forces for each line of toolpath, compare forces to optimization limits and raise/lower feeds to attain maximum allowable forces.


ADVANTEDGE: Finite Element Analysis
AdvantEdge is used to understand the “whys” of tool performance by providing a virtual testing environment for evaluating tool designs. Users efficiently and affordably recognize promising prototypes and top performers while reducing design iterations to generate more data without trial-and-error testing.


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