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AdvantEdge is the premier Finite Element Analysis (FEA) product used to understand the metal cutting process. AdvantEdge features a full suite for analysis including chip formation, temperature and stresses and forces on the tool and workpiece. The software has a validation process and material models built into the program specifically for metal cutting, which allows for confident decision making without physical testing.



AdvantEdge enables users to analyze machining processes in 2D and 3D environments. Manufacturers across the globe find AdvantEdge to be a valuable tool in the design of milling, grooving, boring, sawing, broaching, drilling and turning processes. Users of AdvantEdge also have the ability to analyze temperature and stress in order to predict tool wear behavior and performance. By comparing case-by-case scenarios, users can easily identify and implement optimum parameters.



  • Define tool geometry or import from CAD program
  • Select tool and workpiece materials
  • Input cutting conditions
  • Run simulations
  • Compare simulation results for optimizing cutting conditions, tool geometries or process parameters
    • Analyze temperature and stress profiles to gage reductions in tool wear or machined workpiece stresses
    • Use chip formation to predict improved chip evacuation
    • Evaluate force plots to lower cutting forces and power consumption
  • Fully supported by engineering experts in FEA and machining
  • Ease of use
    • Guidance images for better understanding
    • Process kinematics, cutting edge and boundary conditions* defined automatically
    • Results analysis wizard to generate multi-lingual machining specific reports
    • Tool and workpiece material library of more than 140 materials


  • Reduce tool design development cycles
  • Improve part quality
  • Reduce engineering effort
  • Increase development ROI


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