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Third Wave Systems  is the premier provider of validated material physics-based modeling solutions and services. The physics-based machining simulation software products and services are used to optimize machining processes, giving engineers access to more information than trial-and-error tests and allowing them to make better decisions.

Third Wave Systems’ modeling products and services are used by progressive companies to dramatically reduce costs of machined components, accelerate design cycles, improve part quality and get to market faster. Third Wave Systems is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA and has distributors throughout Europe and Asia.

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Dan Baker, Engineer, Benet Laboratories
"The use of Third Wave software is key to our rapid delivery."
Dave Smith, President, Cadence Aerospace, Tell Tool Operations
"Third Wave's software has become a valuable tool in our manufacturing standard work, resulting in a cost benefit for our customers and a competitive edge for Tell Tool."
Gerald Henderson, Director of Manufacturing, Bell Helicopter
"The decision to invest in Third Wave Systems software was an easy one."
Chris Ross, General Manager, HM Dunn Aerospace
“Technology advances like these are just what we need to ensure success.”